Exorcism May Be Britain's New Boom Industry - Mysterious Universe

Since the Brexit vote and the EU's subsequent unleashing of fiscal vindictiveness upon the UK, perhaps the only thriving industry will be the casting out of demons, which Paul Seaburn reports is enjoying a popular surge. Well, at least Brussels won't be able to take their cut of the profits, so maybe it's not all bad news. And although the British have given the finger to Europe, it wasn't this one reported here by Brett Tingley: London Police Seek Public's Help in Severed Finger Mystery. Found several years ago, the detached digit has yet to be identified with its owner. And finally, I Found Seven Skeletons in My Dining Room in 1874. Beneath the floor of Passenham Manor, the Rector found more than just fingers. Speculated to be Viking remains, their identity and how they got beneath the floorboards remains unknown. (LP)

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