Ever Feel Like You're Going Crazy? - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

It appears that the Russians are into everything American lately. Even Billy Cox couldn't make a farewell De Void post last September without some Cyrillic hi-jinx subsequently occurring. Billy's explanation clarifies matters some, and it's worth re-reading that reposted parting shot to realize what a loss ufology and, indeed, the mainstream media, have suffered with Cox' voice being stilled. And add to the losers the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, for on July 10, 2017--eleven months after its appearance--his August 10th, 2016 blog post Another Crash'n'Burn was far and away the most-visited offering on that organization's online newsroom leaderboard. This article probed abductee-claimant Stan Romanek's claims and "evidence", noting how they chased the excellent work of Glen Schulze and Robert Powell on the January 8, 2008 Stephenville Lights off the news horizon. And Romanek's then-and-still upcoming trial has likely added to the current popularity of Cox' article. But, as with the "Farewell Post", it's very much worth reading and reflection. (WM)

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