England Police issue Crop Circle Warning - Mysterious Universe

Yep, it's that time of year again, when England's struggling farmers get their crops ruined by those pesky aliens, a.k.a. vandals. And to add to their plight there are the hoards of "gawkers" who arrive to marvel at the latest cereal killing. The Bobby's want the public to report any "suspicious activity" seen on Wiltshire farmland in the vain hope of catching the perp's. But while crop circles need daylight to show themselves, Mysterious Neolithic Carvings Only Appear in Moonlight. Paul Seaburn reports on the Hendraburnick Quoit monolith in Cornwall and its "cup and ring marks" which show up far better under a bright moon. Archaeologists speculate that they may be the result of some, as yet unknown, nighttime ritual practiced perhaps 6000 years ago. (LP)

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