District Chief Asks Police To Protect Village From Ghost - Bangkok Post

We've heard of hungry ghosts, but this is ridiculous. Next time you're visiting Thailand, beware of the "phee pob" lest it possess you and arouse unsavory appetites. At least the police are taking this case seriously, whereas American cops would arrest you for making crank calls. Back in 1849, spooks were a different story, as Dr. Beachcombing is swift to point out. Rather than scaring the living daylights out of two boys, some Ghostly Snowballs In Illinois cost one lad his life. If only the first white settler of Napa Valley was nearby, he could've foreseen and prevented the tragedy. What? You don't know Captain George C. Yount? His résumé is impressive, with Captain Yount's Mountain Rescue Dream Team being its centerpiece. EsoterX appreciates that many people lost their way and died in the snowy passes leading to California, but his newfound hero's intuition or dreams or oneiromancy was spot-on for one lucky wagon train. (CS)

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