Did UFOs Kill Paul Kimball's Political Aspirations? - UFO Conjectures

Rich Reynolds thinks that friend Paul Kimball finished second in a Nova Scotia election because of his known interest in UFOs, ghosts, etc. Kimball disagrees, but Reynolds' informal poll of pundits from south of the Canadian border at least suggests that espousing any interest deviating sufficiently far from a "norm" can be a detriment in a public contest. Headier stuff is on Rich's mind in Why Do UFO Buffs Prefer the ET Option to Time-travelling or Other-universe Visitors?. The "gulf" of sorts between whomever was the Homer of the Iliad and the Homer of the Odyssey has long been remarked, but this article opens up whole new possibilities. Also on the controversial subject of UFO belief, psychology prof Clay Routledge sees a negative correlation between religiosity and belief in "advanced alien visitors." Don't Believe in God? Maybe You'll Try U.F.O.s summarizes findings from recent formal studies by Routledge and others. These articles offer many options for exploring such speculations on the subject. (WM)

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