Crashed Saucer Misinformation - The UFO Trail

A good article by Jack Brewer on the possible origins of the supposed crash in 1952 of a flying saucer on the island of Spitsbergen, Norway. Spitsbergen is notable for its surprisingly rich history, for its housing the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, and for the virtually nonexistent crime rate among its around 3,000 inhabitants. Brewer and Nick Redfern, whose work is cited in the article, think it may have been the chosen location for a "planted" flying saucer crash story. Another valuable piece of UFO history appears in Inexplicata: Argentina: The Saucers of July 1947. We're not at all sure what is meant by the 20th century being the result of a "vulgar chemical formula" (perhaps a problem in translation), but the rest of the 1947 newspaper article featured in the post (and the entire article itself) is straightforward and informative. (WM)

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