Cloverdale UAP Project: Investigating the "Spooklights" UFO Phenomenon in Alabama - Open Minds

A pervasive problem in anomalies study is the difficulty of getting real-time scientific data on a phenomenon. There are several initiatives underway to mount such studies, and Richard Hoffman reports on one such, preliminaries for which have already begun. This informative article deals with the history and sources for information on "spooklights", and plans for a fall field investigation. With Roswell, Mind-Control & "The Traveler" Nick Redfern gives us his promised pair of cases suggesting that mind control or manipulation may have been carried out on two people caught up in the events of that 1947 crash. One features, for goodness' sake, a "Man in Gold" courtesy of Kevin Randle, and the other A Man Who Knew Too Much about photos taken of the crash site. Both cases boast a modus operandi suspiciously like what Nick relates in previous posts, including that on the famous contactee Orfeo Angelucci after he had written his first book, The Secret of the Saucers. And if you read that relatively short tome, you might think there's a real pattern and that Nick may be on to something. (WM)

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