CIA Document Shows the Agency Recruited Legendary American Physicist, John Wheeler, to Study UFOs - Collective Evolution

Arjun Walia argues for studying UFOs rather than condemning them, and cites cases showing long-time CIA interest in the phenomenon/phenomena. The "Wheeler documents" Walia produces appear to show the CIA trying to get theoretical physicist John A. Wheeler to participate in its January 1953 Robertson Panel. Walia seems unaware of the existence and purpose of this Panel, but they certainly bolster the thrust of the article. Other useful material includes a video of a presentation Jacques Vallee gave at the 2011 Global Competitiveness Forum. Another Walia video features the late Dr. Brian O'Leary, whose statement is misquoted by the subject of Anonymous Claims NASA Already has Knowledge of Aliens. Must have been a slow news day at "Everyone's favorite (or least favorite) hacker collective," as Brett Tingley dubs "Anonymous." We thank Brett for warning us about this ghastly twelve-and-a-half minute production in advance, although we added to the one million views of it anyway. (WM)

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