Bruce Siegel's 'Dreaming The Future' - Paranormalia

Retrocausation is gaining traction in mainstream circles with quantum theories, but scientists are keeping mum about their personal brushes with the future. At least they were 'til former skeptic Bruce Siegel chose to follow the crumbs down the rabbit hole. We're envious of Robert McLuhan getting his mitts on an advance copy of Dreaming The Future, especially after reading his glowing review. Regarding the science, Mike McRae outlines This Quantum Theory Predicting The Future Might Be Influencing The Past tangenting Eric Wargo's maverick theories. But science without philosophy is like chocolate without peanut butter. Peppers without onions. EsoterX without 12 year old single-malt scotch. Humor the thorny question of "How Soon Is Now?", pitting eternalism vs. presentism with Einstein's General Relativity. (CS)

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