Both a Dwarf and a Giant: The Curious Case of Adam Rainer - Mysterious Universe

In an example of how human biology can be the biggest mystery of all, Brent Swancer brings us this story of Adam Rainer, a man born with a pituitary disorder that first impeded his growth greatly, then later caused explosive growth that resulted in infirmity and eventual death. Could this be the explanation for The Mysterious Giants of Catalina Island? While it was never been proven that the photographic evidence of giant skeletons was authentic, their discoverer, ad hoc archeologist Ralph Glidden, stated that not only was this race of giants real, but they were part of an advanced race of fair skinned, blue eyed beings. Sounds a bit like the "Space Brothers." Next, going small again, Dr. Beachcombing looks at Buckinghamshire Fairies and Little Witches, wherein fairy encounters are examined in 1934 England--about a century past the time one would think such incidents would take place. Be sure to read this one as Beach is looking for readers' input to feed his insatiable curiosity. (CM)

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