Body of the Beast: An Unusual Story of Unidentified “Beastly� Remains - Mysterious Universe

Amidst the many stories surrounding the production of the 1970's cult film The Legend of Boggy Creek, one stands out as perhaps the most puzzling. Lead creative consultant, the late J.E. “Smokey� Crabtree, held in his possession the remains of an unidentified creature--no head mind you--in which the Smithsonian Institute took quite an interest. Unfortunately the absence of a cranium made positive identification impossible, as usual. So what are the 20 Takeaways from ‘Survivorman Bigfoot’? We'll let you read them for yourself, but it's safe to say this program is capable of taking away the bad taste left in our mouths by previous programs claiming to be in the business of finding the Hairy Man. Thank you, Les Stroud. (CM)

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