Author of Mysterious Voynich Manuscript Was Italian Jew, Says Scholar - The Guardian

Many of our readers are likely familiar with the Voynich manucript. Essentially an illustrated, hand-written codex dating back to the fifteenth century, it was believed to be written in possibly an invented script due to its indecipherable nature. Scholar Steven Skinner believes he has solved one of the codex's greatest mysteries, i.e where did it come from? His research indicates a creator of Italian Jewish origin, based on an analysis of illustrations and an absence of Christian iconography. Next mystery up: Amelia Earhart Captured and Killed? New Evidence Debunks History Channel’s Crazy Theory. Evidently the producers of the program overlooked both photographic evidence that would indicate Earhart was not captured and communications illustrating how important it was to avoid an international incident at that time. (CM)

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