Argentina: A CE-2 in Derqui - Inexplicata

Here are two cases where a "UFO" attribution seems weak, although they are undeniably odd events. First up, a December 15, 1981 (not the "mid-1981" of the text's third paragraph) early morning incident where someone/thing was seriously messing with part of an Argentinian farmer's manioc field, although no one saw what it was. Some pretty strange marks and affected plants were discovered the next afternoon. Second: Mexico: UFO over Tijuana discusses a video showing two (maybe three) lights over Tijuana on the night of July 7th. The first light looks like a meteor (or a flare or pyrotechnics plane or drone) before it apparently stops its descent. As Inexplicata says of the video, "you can judge for yourselves." (WM)

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