Are Some Tales Just Too Wild to Believe: Corey Goode and Andrew Basiago - A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle is steamed at the speaker selection for the Mutual UFO Network's (MUFON's) upcoming Symposium. He reproduces the bios of two of them from the MUFON Symposium site for special attention. Randle points out the impossibility of confirming the sci-fi-sounding claims of his two particular targets, as well as logical questions that can be raised about such assertions. In the end, Kevin thinks "it really is all about the money." With The UFO Files: Our Man in Sheffield Dr. David Clarke relates the entertaining tale of how his request for surviving records of a fairly mysterious British government agency sent British intelligence agencies "into a tizzy." The article ends with a surprising "downer" about British governmental interest in UFOs. Speaking of documents, in Roswell's "Victims"--Aliens or Human? Nick Redfern's focusing us on "one of the very few, real documents pertaining to Roswell"--the famous "Ramey Memo," a piece of paper that Brigadier General Roger Ramey held while posing for a photograph with the supposed Roswell wreckage back in July of 1947. While the actual contents of the "memo" still resist decipherment, Nick argues that two leading solutions for a key word both diminish the likelihood that the Roswell crash was that of an extraterrestrial vehicle and crew. We're not sure that government documents always employ the most preferred and appropriate dictionary definitions in their word choices, but Nick seems to be having it a bit of both ways in this case, anyway--and he could be right. (WM)

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