Are Pulsars Actually Navigation Beacons Used As A 'Galactic Positioning System' By Aliens? - Daily Grail

Once upon a time people thought curious, periodic signals were little green men. Turns out they're dead stars, but Clément Vidal has reason to believe the galaxy's lighthouses could serve another purpose: A precise space navigation system. Best of all, notes Greg Taylor, they may very well be the breadcrumbs leading to you-know-what. But what if the aliens have sublimed from the material universe, or maybe they're still discovering the esoteric properties of pinecones and berries? The answer to Fermi's perennial question, "Where is everyone?" may lay in Dan Farcas's Hypothesis Of Hypercivilizations And Primitive Extraterrestrials. Even Washington D.C.'s still on the hunt with a Congressman Demanding NASA's Evidence Of Martian Civilizations. While Paul Seaburn avoided Dana Rohrabacher's scrutiny, Kenneth Farley wasn't so lucky when facing off with the Science, Space, and Technology Committee. (CS)

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