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We've been hearing about 1950s "contactee" Orfeo Angelucci a lot lately, and Nick's article pushes us finally into reading the (as it turned out, extra) copy we'd bought a month ago of Angelucci's The Secret of the Saucers. Nick says a key moment in Orfeo's odd odyssey with ETs may have owed more to hallucinogenics than either a real physical encounter or a psychological fantasy. It's an entertainable hypothesis, all the more so due to the Robertson Panel's secret recommendations to "watch" UFO groups as potentially subversive organizations less than two years prior to Angelucci's late 1954 encounter with "Adam" in "Tiny's Diner." A December 16, 1957, United States Information Agency letter to a UFO group, found in the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library archives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, may be read as part of this monitoring program, particularly since its mailing occurred soon after the initial Russian satellite successes. The Ford Library files also illuminate the then-House Minority Leader Ford's role in the aftermath of the 1966 Southeast Michigan "Swamp Gas" flap. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, whose solution for the two most-ballyhooed sightings raised such a fuss, is far and away the major figure in that particular story. Consequently, Hynek biographer Mark O'Connell has been doing scads of interviews on his recent The Close Encounters Man: How One Man Made the World Believe in UFOs. In UFO Truth, 1; Roswell, 0 O'Connell gives the lowdown as his research sees it, and Hynek's own remarks express it, on the subject of Roswell and flying saucer crashes in general. (WM)

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