Wrapping Up Roswell - Journal of a UFO Investigator

David Halperin "wraps up" a series of thoughtful considerations about Roswell-- from the perspectives of the "tradition-historical," the "social-psychological," and the "historical" matters raised by the 1947 New Mexico event. To Halperin, the "historical question" is the least important of the three, but he dutifully examines the issue and concludes that there are only "two bedrock facts" about Roswell. The problem is, these two "facts" don't really jibe, unless, just possibly (and here Nick Redfern fans take note!), "is it possible there were other balloons being launched in the Southwest in the summer of 1947, with features that at least temporarily suggested they weren't ordinary weather balloons but something unknown and potentially sinister?" Read this post to follow Halperin's reasoning, and, if you haven't already, catch the eight other articles he's written since February 10th on the Roswell "crash." (WM)

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