"Very Strange Humanoid Bodies" - Mysterious Universe

Ufology is rife with stories about genuine, possibly UFO-related material that usually has been lost or suppressed. Nick Redfern relates one such account, and it's a doozy, about a letter seemingly providing independent confirmation of one of the "numerous tales of people wandering off when in government buildings and military installations, and going down the wrong corridor and stumbling on some terrible secret in a hidden room." Only this time the story was of a minister, the "labyrinth of corridors" was in Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, and the "material" was "several, small bodies that were human-like but not human." Nick deflates this one in another useful demythologizing effort. In Atomic Interception: UFOs and Nuclear Activity JP Robinson provides a bunch of stories about UFOs "tampering" with nuclear missiles. We're not sure that Col. Charles Halt would agree that he reported UFOs were "shining their beams into the missile bunkers" during the December 1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident, but JP Robinson's post might be a good starter for those wanting to learn about this interesting, and potentially very serious, aspect of UFO behavior. (WM)

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