Vancouver’s Famous ‘Lady in Red’ Ghost Spotted in Photo - Mysterious Universe

Sometimes it's comforting to know the paranormal side of creation is carrying on with business as usual. This week in Vancouver, Canada, a photograph was taken of the Hotel Vancouver which shows what might be the hotel's long time resident and specter the Lady in Red. Since the figure in the image appears at a window in a wing of the hotel closed off for maintenance, it seems prudent to at least believe something more was going on than a guest losing his way. But in Michael Prescott's post In like Flint it probably makes sense to doubt more and believe less. In a further exploration of the voice mediumship of Leslie Flint, we are given an example wherein there is no conclusive evidence of contact beyond the veil. But Michael did warn us he was including the excerpt in the name of thoroughness only, so we forgive him. (CM)

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