UFO Spotted Over Cley Hill Near Frome Was Not Aliens - Somerset Live

Not a drone, but a pyrotechnics plane flying aerobatic maneuvers over Warminster, England, was behind a James Wood article we reviewed last week. Wood updates the story with AeroSparx pilot Guy Westgate's admission that the meteor-like "circles" videoed by a Frome resident were actually that group's doings. The Inquisitr's Kristine Moore reports that a New UFO Sighting [was] Caught on Video in Britain's 'UFO Capital' of Warminster, Somerset one day before Wood. Moore wasn't aware of the solution, but gives us a video with catchier music than the background noise in the Wood piece. Moore also sketches why Warminster has gained the sobriquet of "UFO Capital." Closer to home, we welcome Mark Dent's article UFO Sightings on the Rise in Philly and PA: 'I Realized It Wasn't a Plane at All'. Not so much because UFO reports (which can be directly tallied, while sightings cannot) are said generally to be on the increase in the Keystone State, but because another "mainstream" news source is seriously using data from the book UFO Sightings Desk Reference by Cheryl Costa and Linda Miller Costa. Indeed, Dent makes a point of noting that the book "was reviewed by the New York Times." Dent's article isn't bad, either. (WM)

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