Three-Fingered Mummified Humanoid Reportedly Found in Peru - Mysterious Universe

Virtually on the eve of the 70th-year anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's UFO sighting, there are new claims of dramatic discoveries to digest. Paul Seaburn gives the story of a supposed Peruvian mummy that has some definitely non-characteristic human traits. Jaime Maussan and Russian PhD Konstantin Korotkov are involved in the project, which sets up red flags in many eyes. An American radiologist whose name appears to have been altered has made a rather qualified statement about the x-rays she reviewed of the purported "corpse"; one might question whether she may be another "mainstream" professional who's been "used" in a scam. Seaburn lists a bunch of other "tells" that damage the story's credibility, as does Sharon Hill in Nazca 'alien mummy' revealed in promotional video featuring serial hoaxer. "And doubtful data is still part of the story" of the latest batch of "MJ-12" documents, according to Nick Redfern in Questionable UFO documents and Disclosure. Nick is steamed about the matter and its connection with the Disclosure Movement. Backing up a lot, if you're not fully "up" on MJ-12, you might go over to Open Minds and More Dubious 'MJ-12' Documents Released from Anonymous Source. The star of this piece is Alejandro Rojas' 29-minute account of MJ-12, Paul Bennewitz, and a great deal of ufological history. (WM)

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