The Woodstock of UFOs, and You Missed It - Omni

UFO filmmaker Jeremy Corbell makes an impassioned plea, replete with Orwellian quotations, for moving "the needle forward towards understanding" of the whole UFO problem. This is done in the background of the Contact in the Desert conference, which ran in Joshua Tree, California, on May 19-22. Corbell makes some good general points about "UFO charlatans," "Disclosure," and "alien sex dolls," and it would seem he therefore differs with some elements of the conference. But he nearly deifies Jacques Vallee, "a giant among men in the hunt for the truth about UFOs," whose lecture he introduced. What's more important, Corbell tells us that Vallee is "on a trail, like a bloodhound" looking to analyze purported UFO artifacts scientifically. So if you've got anything lying around in your cupboard that might fill the bill, send it on to Jacques. Corbell doesn't give an address. (WM)

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