The Swamp Gas that Wouldn't Die - High Strangeness

Mark O'Connell defends his notion that Hynek's solution of "swamp gas" for some of the 1966 Michigan UFO sightings as being "fully supported by the facts of the case." Mark's excellent and well-received presentation at last year's Michigan Swamp Gas UFO Conference went further: Mark contended that, given the time, pressure, and circus atmosphere constraints he labored under, Dr. J. Allen Hynek followed an orderly and sensible process that resulted in his statement. In Special Cases--The Long Island File (42): The Story So Far, John Keel sums up the continuing theme of the clash of human and alien(?) minds and ways in a letter to the "Androids" and a "Reprise". It's clear that 50 years ago John was wading in very deep waters, and feared the same for humanity. (WM)

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