The Supremacy Of Scientism: Is Science The Only Legitimate Method Of Gaining Knowledge? - Mysterious Universe

Philosophy as Hawking, Nye, Tyson knew it is dead, since philosophy's evolved into something new. To presume philosophy as stagnant and static is a reflection upon its critics rather than the field. Does the same go for UFOlogy? Back in the 1950's our skies were abuzz with saucers and randy greys with their probes, but contemporary UFOlogy's become an entirely different beast. Such is the thrust of Micah Hanks, raising important questions relevant to the pursuit of human knowledge. Speaking of know-it-alls, they do know everything but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Are you a know-it-all? Me Neither, and that humility goes a long way for Peter Rogerson in Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson's We Have No Idea: A Guide To The Unknown Universe. Also from Nathaniel Scharping's annals of maverick science, a Flatworm Travels To Space With One Head, Comes Back With Two heads. If magnetic fields, radiation, and other environmental stressors can change these humble critters, imagine what's in store for H. sapiens. (CS)

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