The "Other" Rendlesham Forest UFO Encounters - Mysterious Universe

As the December 1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident saga takes a new turn with the reconsideration by Left at East Gateco-author Peter Robbins of the story that he and Larry Warren published, Nick Redfern presents two other cases, also from the '80s, that transpired near that forest. Nick also has something to say about Roswell's Legendary "Memory Metal". Nick thinks that a crashed polythene balloon coated with aluminum may have so confused Roswell Army Air Field personnel that they thought they were looking at extraterrestrial technology. To make this case, Nick has to assume that polythene balloons were being launched from nearby locations more than ten months earlier than the May 1948 date the USAF wanted us to believe, when they suggested witness accounts had associated such material with the July 1947 Roswell event. And with Intercepting a UFO in the Skies Above Nick gives us an interesting story about an ill-known event that changed the life of a former Royal Air Force serviceman, leading him to spend much of it investigating UFOs. (WM)

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