The Nature of UFO Evidence: Two Views - UFO FOTOCAT Blog

Upon the imminent 70th anniversary of the "official" beginning of ufology with Kenneth Arnold's June 24th sighting of nine objects flying in formation near Mt. Rainier in Washington State, Spanish researcher Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos pens his personal present vision on the state of the field. And he has the gravitas to do it, having dedicated the last half-century to ufology, with numerous accomplishments and the high respect of those within the field whose respect means something. His remarks are comprehensive, direct, brutal, and frank about the problems ufology has not yet shed, these past seven decades. And his outlook regarding improvement is uncompromisingly bleak. Ballester-Olmos has asked Dr. Thomas Bullard to provide his own assessment of the same issues; while agreeing with nearly all of what Ballester Olmos says, nonetheless Bullard argues that a core of interesting and potentially meaningful cases remain. This is an important position paper and anyone serious about the subject of ufology, of whatever particular persuasion or perspective, should read and reflect upon it. Thanks to Martin Shough for the English language editing of Ballester Olmos' remarks. (WM)

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