The Mother of All UFOs? Part 1 - Mysterious Universe

With this and its complement The Mother of All UFOs? Part 2 Nick Redfern presents a dramatic August, 1949 UFO radar case that occurred during an international test of England's air defenses. A high-flying, and perhaps even faster-travelling, radar contact created a hasty cover-up. Perhaps even stranger, the apparent size of the "object" staggers the mind. Nick hopes that someone will take up the cudgel and try to pry out the records supporting the deceased individual's story he relates. Much nearer to home and to the present, the York Daily Record's Mike Argento has picked up an April 11th, 2017 Pennsylvania report that we had found hard to visualize. UFO Sighted in York? Sure, Why Not is supported by Mike's colleague Sean Heisey's computer-created video, a few paragraphs based upon an interview with Pennsylvania MUFON's Chief Investigator Bill Weber, and a link to an article touting the "hellbender" salamander for Pennsylvania's state amphibian. (WM)

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