The Majestic 12 Documents are Back... - Mysterious Universe

Here are five posts inspired by the recent appearance of "new" documents said to relate to a high-ranking, most secretive governmental group that oversaw the collection of the purported 1947 Roswell extraterrestrial material and that from other flying saucer crashes. Nick Redfern mentions (probably, just some of) his own solid reasons for regarding the new stuff as a poorly constructed hoax. With MJ-12--The Latest Documents Roswell uber-expert Kevin Randle outlines his initial knowledge of and "take" on the new documents, with info on his then-upcoming discussions on the matter. Next, with MJ-12--New Documents, Old Story Kevin provides some of his now more-considered reasons for regarding the patently fictional stuff as what it is. The Science Times' Charlie Gaeta sets the whole Roswell story into context with a mostly-accurate article in We Know Exactly What Happened in Roswell in 1947. And Rich Reynolds puts this whole story into a more focused context with The Roswell Mindset(s)--Mentalites--for 1947 and 1978 to Today. This sad recurrence of Roswell nonsense gives Rich a timely opportunity to apply French thinker Jacques Derrida's deconstruction analysis to ufology. Rich navigates the philosophical shoals in a clear and effective way, and suggests a potentially valuable further avenue of research. (WM)

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