The Joint Intelligence Organisation (JIO), the Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO), the Sea Fury Encounter ...

Iconic Australian researcher Bill Chalker provides a status report on his research into the workings of Australia's governmental response to the UFO problem. Chalker reminds us that the Aussies had their own independent investigation into UFOs, which continued well after the termination of the U.S. Project Blue Book. More background on this subject and in particular the "Sea Fury Encounter" may be found in Chalker's chapter in UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry by Michael Swords, Robert Powell, et al.. Chalker's present article is stimulated by current reviews done by another veteran Australian UFO investigator. Keith Basterfield, of a Department of Defence file he's pried from the Australian government. This is a good case of differing points of view about a famous Australian sighting being resolved as a new Sabre jet, rather than something going about 400 knots faster. Regarding current research into old files, information is starting to trickle out from those who've had a chance to review the 15 UFO-related files that are the last, save three, remaining to be released by England's National Archives. Phoebe Weston says 'Britain's X-Files' Reveal a UFO was Spotted Floating above Skegness for Seven Hours but RAF Officials were Told to IGNORE It. It's a good article, with rational commentary from Nick Pope, even if the Rendlesham Forest Incident inset in green is a bit of a throwaway. Additionally, you may find yourself Googling for more information on such things as "The Wash" and "Skegness," and looking up the word "shambolic." (WM)

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