The Death of Captain Mantell - Saturday Night Uforia

One of the iconic cases, and great tragedies, in the history of ufology occurred on January 7, 1948, with the loss of 25-year-old Captain Thomas F. Mantell and his P-51 Mustang airplane in an attempt to intercept what was later identified as a Skyhook balloon. Daniel Ropkin seeks to cut through the later accretions and retellings of the event, going back to the original source material, and trying to make sense out of conflicting accounts. This is the first of a three-part updating of an effort Ropkin made nine years ago, and we look forward to the rest of the study. Rich Reynolds has a useful corrective about Consciousness and Memory for Ufologists. To the notion that "memory is beclouded by time and/or aging," Rich, on the authority of cognitive scientist Stanislas Dehaene, notes that it's more complicated than that. Rich emphasizes that UFO researchers must do a better job of interviewing, as well as scrutinizing the facts behind prior witness testimony to understand what alterations may have been caused by previous interviewer bias and poor techniques, and reexamining their own biases when approaching a case. He finds few in the field capable and willing to do so. Long-time Swedish UFO researcher and co-founder of what is now known as Archives for the Unexplained (AFU) Hakan Blomqvist has combined his interests in the Theosophical/Esoteric Tradition and ufology into a new book titled Esotericism and UFO Research, downloadable for free at his blog. This English-language pdf is a selection of Blomqvist's blog entries from the last five years. (WM)

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