The Commercialization of Bigfoot: Culture, Consumerism, and Cryptozoology - Mysterious Universe

Micah Hanks waxes nostalgic over the good old days when people were afraid of 10-foot-tall hairy beasts, and we could count on the threat of "Bigfoot will get you" to make the kids go to sleep late at night on a camping trip. Such is not the case anymore, when Bigfoot "hunting" is more of a class trip instead of a research project. So while we wander about the woods hoping to get invited to dinner (not "for" dinner) with a roaming Sasquatch family, Glasgow Boy ponders the spread of The Itinerant Monster. While some believe Nessie is merely a one off, a rogue creature that somehow wound up in Loch Ness, others suspect she is part of a family of creatures indigenous to the Scottish Lake, or even a group of creatures spread out over a series of lakes. But so far the old monstrous girl is still not telling anyone what's really going on. (CM)

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