Special Cases--The Long Island File (44): To Whom It May Concern - John Keel

Those of you who have been following this most bizarrely fascinating series of posts will sense that things are truly coming to a head, at least in John Keel's own head. He seems to have bought in completely to the prophecies of the "androids" who, through his contact Jaye Paro, have been feeding him a series of strange communications replete with dire warnings and quasi-biblical gibberish. We are 50 years removed from July 23, 1967, the date of the messages in this particular post, but a reader (at least, this reader) can't help but feel a bit of a chill and foreboding in reading them. At the very minimum, we are dipping into the mind of a very troubled man, and hovering on the periphery of a very strange and involved hoax. (WM)

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