Sparkling Light Over UK Prompts UFO Speculation - The Epoch Times

A major media outlet has picked up a "warming over" of a Warminster, England, case of pyrotechnic-supplied aerobatics planes flying over Cley Hill, a spot locally connected with strange happenings. Though the true cause of the pretty lights was published by Somerset Live's James Wood on June 6, the Secureteam10 site still had the original footage, plus additional video of a later outing, on its site, with 370,000-plus views as of June 15. And that's even with Commenters supplying the link to the "debunking" article. Another video that's surely nothing to get excited over is the subject of 'Bizarre UFO Clearly Rising into Portal in Sky' Seen by One Million in Shock Video. The Express' Jon Austin thankfully demystifies this supposed south Colorado offering, which seems a rebrand of one purportedly shot in the Mexican state of Sonora. Apparently there's not even CGI saucers lately "Down Under", as Paul Seaburn tells us that Australia's UFO Hotspot is Suddenly Cold. The Northern Territory's Wycliffe Well has been ranked as "one of the top five UFO hotspots in the world," Paul says, and gives the background story, links to more information, and asks a cogent closing question. (WM)

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