Some Very Strange Information On The Bizarre Vanishing Of Dennis Martin - Mysterious Universe

Let it be known, the hypergraphic Brent Swancer puts the 'Mysterious' in Mysterious Universe. Should there be any doubt, this collection of linkables are certain to haunt your dreams. Brent begins with little Dennis Martin, disappearing from under the noses of responsible and honest adults, and the only time special forces were called in to participate in a civilian missing persons case. Further down the rabbit hole Brent still has signal on his smartphone, segueing his collection of Mysterious Vanishings With Bizarre Phone Calls. Whatever compelled these lost souls to reach out and touch someone is certain to send shivers down your spine. And just when you thought it was safe to close your browser tab, Brent continues with Mysterious Car Crashes And Baffling Vanishings. It's damned if you do and damned if you don't if you get behind the wheel, because the grim reaper's either going to dissolve you in a tsunami of acid or you'll get sucked into some shadow realm. (CS)

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