Sky Flashes, or “Blown Highlights�? Videos Claim to Show the Sun “Flickering� - Mysterious Universe

We only have one thing to say about this video: Stop looking directly at the sun! First it's your photographic equipment failing, then it will be your eyes. Continuing along the lines of things your mother told you to never do...Eerie Blue Light in Ohio City is a Bad Sign, so never take shelter under a tree in a storm. Apparently the combination of power lines, crazy winds, and rain were an unfortunate combination, as we're sure any squirrels in the vicinity of that lit up tree could attest to. But sometimes when people see lights they are just trying too hard to read something into them: Woman Claims to See Hologram Above Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Between the interviewer's leading questions and the witness's conviction that CERN is conspiring with the King of Jordan, we might be compelled to describe this particular incident as a whole lot of brouhaha over nothing. (CM)

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