Scientists Kick Off Search For Tassie Tiger In Far North Queensland - Brisbane Times

Professor Bill Laurance of James Cook University has kicked off a field campaign to find evidence of the Thylacine. Since announcing his intention earlier this year, Laurance has been flooded with reports of sightings, so while he remains realistic about the possibility of capturing a thought-to-be-extinct creature on camera, he's fairly optimistic that if there is a Tasmanian Tiger out there, it's about to be discovered. And as Laurance tromps through Queensland with his camera camera crew, this Australian Town Bands Together to Confront Yowie. We're not certain if the group plans to go Angry Mob with torches and pitchforks, or just scare the heck out of each other with their hairy men tales and ghost stories. Either way, it'll end up in the news. (CM)

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