Science Needs A Solution For The Temptation Of Positive Results - New York Times

Let's be honest, capitalism ruins everything. Academia's "publish or perish" dictum perfectly illustrates this point. Rather than doing science for the sake of science, regardless of outcomes, researchers are under pressure to crank out new studies. But Springer Nature, Reed-Elsevier, and the rest tend to be more interested in the almighty dollar, and what amounts to academic clickbait, than science. We're happy Aaron E. Carroll learned the scientific community is working against "p-hacking" to jigger the numbers for publishable papers. Potentially at the heart of this ongoing reproducibility crisis is how Placebos Work Even When You Know They Don't Contain Medicine. Mark Frauenfelder has a nifty breakdown of Harvard's conclusions. Another puzzling situation keeping EsoterX up at night is a koan based upon the 1808 mystery eruption which chilled the Earth. Close your eyes and contemplate, "When A Volcano Erupts And Nobody Hears It Does The Climate Change?" Perhaps if enough people meditate upon this curiosity, there'll be another anomalous explosion to make winter great again. (CS)

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