Science Fiction and the Development of the UFO Mythos - The Curious Fortean Blog

Andrew Gable considers the possible influence of sci-fi films on how people viewed UFOs and aliens from about 1950 to 1963. This includes the benevolent human-appearing aliens of the UFO contactees, and the dwarfish aliens with huge heads and large eyes that are associated with the "Greys" often figuring in abduction accounts. Gable suggests "some influence on the development of what people expect to see in an alien encounter." Curt Collins is complimentary of the post, but corrects Gable on movies being responsible for the "disc-shaped" UFO. Curt should know, because his article The Flying Saucers Are Real(ly Profitable) is a short, well-illustrated look at how UFOs have been adopted and trivialized in the name of business. Then there's a New Form of UFO Filmed in Bermuda Triangle. Joshua P. Warren launches from the 162-page analytical report by The Scientific Coalition for UFOlogy on the 2013 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Department of Homeland Security thermal video into the announcement of a new type of UFO--the "Organic UFO," or "OUFO." We just don't follow the lines of reasoning in Warren's 12-minute video, and note that some scientists have panned as potentially disastrous the idea of broadcasting welcoming signals to the Universe. But Warren's website surely demonstrates his creativity in merchandising the paranormal, for there you can buy such goodies as a "Bermuda Triangle Coffee Kit"! (WM)

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