Roswell: Ufology's Idee Fixe - UFO Conjectures

Rich Reynolds claims that "ufology and the UFO genre have become stagnated by the usurpation of the quagmired Roswell patina", Roswell being an obsession dominating ufological discussion since 1978. He's right, and we hope that Rich's upcoming efforts to "declutter" ufology of this "fictional truth" don't founder upon the shoals of a philosophical reef. Rich notes how UFO buffs favor recent Roswell books by such as Kevin Randle and Nick Redfern, rather than reading other UFO-related material that's more relevant. It's understandable, when a journalist can headline Roswell has FINALLY been 'Solved'--and 'Truth' is More Shocking Than You Could Believe about Nick's latest book The Roswell UFO Conspiracy. Jon Austin does allow that "The theory has not gone down well with UFO believers who see Roswell as their holy grail"--further substantiating Rich's point. Dave Burke perhaps upstages Austin with 'They were Hauling a Big Creature': New Footage Reveals What Deputy Sheriff Said He Saw at Roswell in UFO Mystery That Has Baffled Experts and Conspiracy Theorists for 70 Years. The article actually shows no "new footage" but quotes from a transcript used in Dr. Irena Scott's new book UFOs TODAY--70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-Up. This Roswell portion of Dr. Scott's book appears magnified out of all proportion to its importance within that tome--unfortunately, since Scott's strong qualifications should require the book be considered on its total merits. But Jon Austin comes back with the riposte 'I Saw Aliens and Roswell UFO' CIA Agent in Shock Deathbed Confession on Area 51. This article also promises rather less than it delivers, for the accompanying video footage is limited to a conversation between Richard Dolan and an unidentified elderly man who gives his background up to the point where he identifies playing a CIA role regarding Project Blue Book. The rest of the article merely relates second-hand the staggering claims of the video that was "only released on the Open Minds UFO website." (WM)

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