Rob Lowe: I Saw Bigfoot, And I Thought It Would Kill Me - Huffington Post

Setting aside any infamous history, Rob Lowe is proving to be a fairly interesting guy. Not only can he act, but apparently he can summon Bigfoot at will. In fairness, the episode of Rob's new show hasn't aired yet, but what are the chances the Hairy Man would show up for a film crew? We may be feeling a bit jaded after a week of hoaxes...Thank goodness Esoterx can always put a smile back on our faces: Peter Plogojovitz: Barefoot Vampire or Shoeless Ghost? (Does that title sound like a good name for a fortean restaurant where the main course is mystery meat? We digress...) Eighteenth century Serbia, like many nations at the time, was fairly superstitious and wanted to keep the dead folks they buried in the ground good and dead. So when members of the town began to fall ill and die, the recently deceased Plogojovitz was the first scapegoat that came to mind. It was centuries before Purell after all...(CM)

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