Ripley's SLS Capture - Two Crows Paranormal

David Weatherly's paranormal investigation team encountered recordable activity at the Ripley's Museum in Florida last week. Seems a poor fellow who found himself on the receiving end of the executioner's axe entered the spirit realm and has since been unable to rid himself of his final activity. Or so it would seem from what the SLS captured. Hearkening back to the bad old days when getting one's head lopped off was a real possibility, Dr. Beachcombing puzzles over A Sieve, a Fairy, a Midwife and a Mystery, which begs the question: what the heck was the sieve for, because none of the possibilities seem obvious or practical. Moving ahead in time somewhat, Malcolm Smith tells the story of A "Jinn" in Transylvania. What initially seemed to be an entity intent on helping a someone down on his luck came to resemble a poltergeist haunting more than a benefactor. Be careful what you wish for. (CM)

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