Researchers Have Reorganised An Animal's Brain To Act Like Another Species's Brain - ScienceAlert

Science is a way off from making a gorilla act like a human, but Paul Katz's nudibranches are a good start. With a little curare and a few electrodes, Katz was able to show Mike McRae how similar critters use their brains in different ways. Higher up in the branches of the tree of life, Greg Taylor's astonished to learn Cuttlefish Disguise Themselves As Crabs To Catch Prey. Don't believe him? Watch the video and you'll agree Earth is an alien planet. Further up the Queensland coast, locals are taking back the night as they Confront Fears Of Yowies And Ghosts With A Night Walk. The town of Joskeleigh's been acting up with hairy mand and spook sightings, and it's about time Melanie Groves and Amy McQuire did something about it! Locals would've found great utility if Queensland was home to The Lightbulb Lizard Of Benjamin Shreve, using the little beasts to light up the night. Never heard of 'em? Doc Karl Shuker's keen to catch you up on the curious properties of the long-neglected Proctoporus shrevei. (CS)

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