Rendlesham Forest, UFOs, and a Faked Document - Mysterious Universe

When we first saw the title, we thought the subject would have to do with the final unravelling of the Larry Warren alternate history of what happened in late December 1980 outside a U.S. air base in England. But it turns out that Nick Redfern is warning us against being taken in by another bogus document, first reported, and panned, by Brenda Butler, Dot Street, and Jenny Randles in their 1986 book Sky Crash. Nick tells an amusing but instructive story as to how this faked document actually became a part of the Ministry of Defence's "Rendlesham File," and thus confused some who smelled a smoking gun "official confirmation" when the file was later declassified. Speaking of "official confirmation," it seems that the Royal Canadian Air Force Causes UFO Scare over Lake Ontario. Brett Tingley accepts the "training flares" explanation for a formation of weird lights over the boreal side of the Great Lake on May 23rd. While some say the lights they saw were displaying hours before the 9:30 pm training exercise, and others that the U.S. Coast Guard wasn't buying the Canadian flares idea, we'll wait to see what shakes out on this event before thinking about a northern-style "Phoenix Lights." That brings up Roger Marsh's contribution: Photos: Arizona UFO Witness Describes Six Hovering Discs. The witness claims that the lights she photographed on a cellphone through the cabin window of a train stemmed from six separate "two-story" disc-shaped objects "less than 100 feet away." We'll take Roger's advice to "be very cautious with UFO photography before investigation analysis is completed." (WM)

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