Release The Calamari: Hans Egede And The Greenland Kraken - EsoterX

It's one thing to engage a fool's errand to Greenland in hopes of encountering extant Vikings, it's a whole other can of worms to encounter a tremendous horror near its shores. Dishing up a calamity of calamari, EsoterX follows in the footsteps of Hans Poulsen Egede in hopes of replicating his gargantuan encounter. Sadly sea monsters don't leave footprints, but everyone's favorite cousin is at it again in the Lone Star State. Just a few days ago, a A Texas Park Released Photos Of Bigfoot Prints From Round Rock and they didn't belong to Paul Seaburn this time. These size 22s are some of the cleanest 'squatch tracks in recent memory, yet Paul wonders if this might be a publicity stunt to increase revenues as The Tweeter-In-Chief hacks away at "unnecessary expenditures". (CS)

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