Reframing Ufology, With Persons Lacking Expertise In Anything? - UFO Conjectures

This retitled article by Rich Reynolds argues that, overall, "Robbie [Graham, editor of the new UFOs: Reframing the Debate] piled into his book a group of people who are not well-known or well-regarded among ufology's cognoscenti." Rich does suggest where a pool of researchers more to his liking could be found, but we were disappointed by disparaging remarks about IQs and criticizing the book without having read it. Some individuals, whose opinions we value even more than Rich's in this regard, have been quite complimentary towards the book. Reframing essay contributor Curt Collins discussed his chapter in UFOs: Reframing the Roswell Slides Fiasco. Collins simply repeats what Robbie Graham said on Facebook about the essay, throws in important photos not in the book, includes helpful links to his cited sources, and concludes with two additional, major Further Resources, one being Miguel Romero's eyewitness account of the "Roswell Slides'" May 5, 2015, reveal in Mexico City, the other an exhaustive archive by Miles Lewis called "Roswell Slides: The (NOT) Roswell Slides Saga...". (WM)

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