Psychical Research And The Future - Consciousness Unbound

Consciousness is a big deal, and so is psi phenomenon. Yet the brain of mainstream science is boxed in, with relatively few daring to peek at the landscape beyond those walls. Don't be afraid as Michael Grosso's led the vanguard into that uncharted territory, returning with the reasons why these concepts are vital to the livelihood of humanity. Some materialists are pushing their panpsychist agenda in the hopes of answering the age-old question, "Is The Universe Conscious?" While Corey Powell is firmly entrenched in the materialist camp, mentions of "proto-consciousness fields" are redolent of Deepak Chopra and his ilk, than Stephen Hawking. Some of the challenges facing psi investigation are raised by Stuart Vyse's P-Hacker Confessions. In short, Daryl Bem has admitted to jiggering the numbers related to his groundbreaking presentiment study. Why is this a big deal? It underscores the reproducibility crisis in science, while illustrating the measures taken to keep the grayfaces honest. (CS)

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