Performance Investigators: A Paranormal Element? - The Numinous Den

Paranormal television is innocuous, right? Fun-lovin', sexy folks bumbling about in the dark, shouting "Did you feel that?" Heck it might turn someone into a serious fortean, right? Despite pushing our favorite agendas, Jeff Ritzman illustrates the seamy underbelly of these programs undermining our science. Another cash cow for marginal types seeking their fifteen minutes of fame are near-death experiences. A new video on YouTube has satisfied Andrew Hall's curiosity by Explaining Near-Death Experiences. In this case "Holy Koolaid" doesn't stray too far from the pseudoskeptical party line to explain why he doesn't believe. Reckon Mr. Koolaid needs to engage Alex Tsakiris and follow the data, not the dogma. After those splashes of cold water, Andrew Nicholson's nostalgic for the good old days when people weren't afraid to tell the world, "There's A Poltergeist In The Milking Shed!" Science's best and brightest of 1949 tried their very best to uncover a naturalistc explanation for the ghost in the milking machine, some magicians begged to differ. Another source of consternation is Dr. Beachcombing's clipping wondering if an incident in Orkey was the product of Tree-Felling Ghosts Or Youthful Vandalism. How does someone, or something, chop down twenty trees in a single evening? (CS)

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