NASA Admits its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Collided with a UFO - News AU

Jasper Hamill reports that NASA's photographic Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was struck by an unknown object in October of 2014, and it's only now that the collision is being made public. The explanation for the reporting delay "is unlikely to convince excitable UFO spotters who believe there are secret alien bases hidden on the moon." However, the orbiter survived the impact and its cameras are working fine now. Much closer to home, England's Somerset Live has a story about a UFO Spotted Hovering over Cley Hill near Frome. James Wood includes a video of something looking like a meteor with a trail, except that it's making "curlicues" in the night sky above Cley Hill in Wiltshire County, just west of Warminster, a location hoary with UFO lore. Though once again, "UFO spotters" have been meeting for more than 40 years on the 800-foot-tall hilltop, even the guy who took the video thinks he's bagged a drone. Rather less compelling is the video but more flashy is the story by Lewis Pennock in Fresh UFO Footage Fuels Suspicion Bristol is Extra-Terrestrial Hotspot. A Bristol resident claims that back on September 16 of 2016, the same day that a police helicopter filmed a UFO over the Bristol Channel with thermal cameras, he discovered that a 230-ft tall telecommunications tower in Bristol is in reality, as local rumors have maintained, a "UFO Refueling Station." (WM)

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