Mystery Behind French 'Ghost' Motorcycle Solved - Sydney Morning Herald

A French newspaper recently published a video of a motorcycle going on its merry way Sans Rider. Excitement ensued among its readers, some expecting an announcement of autonomous motorcycles, while others flat out thought the vehicle was haunted. This latter group was half right, in that the driver of the rogue bike had just been involved in an accident some seconds before and may have come very close to becoming a ghost himself. He didn't though, and that's a happy ending. So if you're disappointed that this story resolved in a rather mundane way, may we direct you to Scotland? Make $64,000 Per Year as a Nanny in a Haunted House. Seems former nannies didn't enjoy long dark nights mingling with toddlers and spirits, so this family is hoping to entice a long-term employee with high wages. Any ghost hunters out there who love children? (CM)

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