Mysterious Naked Feral Man Observed in Wales - Mysterious Universe

Most of our readers are probably familiar with the theory that ancient stone circles in Wales were constructed to serve as portals of some sort. What if the stones themselves, coming from the Preseli mountains of Pembrokeshire, are the original sources of circles' alleged powers? This question comes on the heels of a strange sighting during the last weekend in May, when a hiker reached the summit of these very mountains only to be faced with what he described as a naked, feral man. While the witness stayed around long enough to capture some photographs of the hunched figure, he eventually booked it out of there without asking any questions. Good call on his part, we think--but where the heck did that nudist come from? It's too darn cold in the mountains to survive without a whole lot more body hair, so the feral theory doesn't fit. An unintentional visitor from another dimension perhaps? Since we're really stretching our imaginations right now, let's look at why Thirteen Cows Mysteriously Jump Off a Cliff in Switzerland. A nearby herd of yaks did not feel compelled to join the mass bovine suicide, eliminating the possibility that predators chased the cows over the cliff. It's interesting to note that this particular breed of cow is typically raised for cow fighting, so the possibilities for outside influence are numerous. (CM)

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